Name: Tom Morris

Tom Morris Age 17
Tom Morris Age 17

Brief Biography: I started running in 1959 to get fit for the high jump! I found that I quite enjoyed it and soon joined a schoolmate as a Birchfield Harrier. I was coached by Geoff Warr and became privileged to train with future “stars” at the beginning of their athletic careers, notably Peter Stewart, Bob Steele and latterly Ian Stewart. I began to help the young athletes and I would like to think that I had some early influence on the success of one Mickey Densley.
After a gap of 15 years I came back to running in 1982, completing my first of 9 marathons at the Peoples Marathon, Chelmsley Wood in 1983. I served on the Roadrunners Sub-Committee, became Veterans Team Manager both Track & Field and Road/Cross Country, sitting on the General Committee. I also served for several years on the MVAC Committee. I became Chairman of the Roadrunners Sub-Committee and then after a short break served as both Chairman and Road Running Administrator. During this time I undertook the collation of veteran records and organizing/calculation of the Grand Prix results.
In April 2005, I was elected President of the MVAC serving for 12 months. In 2006 Midland Veterans AC changed it’s name to Midland Masters AC (MMAC) and I was elected General & Membership Secretary.

In November 2007 I was awarded Life Membership of Birchfield Harriers by the Club General Committee.

Formal Evening - Cruise 2011
Formal Evening – Cruise 2011

I am not running now because of ‘worn out’ knees preferring to concentrate on administration, which I enjoy.

In January 2015 we decided to re-locate to Cornwall which necessitated me to resign from my position as Secretary and membership Secretary of Midland Masters Athletic Club (MMAC) after 9 years in the role.


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