The New Regime

Weight Loss

After having a routine blood test earlier this year, my blood sugar levels were borderline with regards potentially getting diabetes and the Doc arranged for me to see a dietician at the local health centre. Although I didn’t necessarily learn anything new the visit allowed me to focus on what and how much I had been eating. She encouraged me to keep a food diary, which I religiously kept during the time I saw her. The aim was to cut down on the amount of sugar consumed and the portion size of some of my meals. I had stopped using sugar 17 years ago and salt even longer, so it was going to be quite difficult to cut down further. Of course the problem is the amount of sugar; fat and salt in the food we buy and this meant that we had to be more careful in our choices. The result was that our shopping trips suddenly became longer as we studied the labels more thoroughly. But with the tips the dietician had given and reading the literature we gradually started to make a few new choices.

My problem I think was that when I stopped running, around 10 years ago, I didn’t adjust the amount of food (calories) that I needed when running. Inevitably this lead to a slight increase in weight, seen mainly around the middle! Even when I was running (but not when I was training intensely) my BMI was just in the ‘overweight’ category, something I could never quite understand. The aim or target therefore was to reduce my BMI so that it dropped into the ‘normal’ range. This equated to losing about 5 to 6 kgs in weight.

I started at the end of March (2 months ago) by reducing the amount of porridge I had for breakfast down to the recommended portion. For me this was a big step as I only ever had this for breakfast and it always lasted me well right through until lunchtime. Additionally, I stopped having the high sugar cereals such as hoops; cornflakes etc. and learnt to like shredded wheat and muesli. I also cut out my biscuit habit. Ever since I can remember I have eaten biscuits on a regular basis, often with a cup of tea or coffee.

Image result for images of ginger biscuits

I’ve managed to stop altogether and haven’t had one ginger biscuit for 7 weeks. Something else that I’ve done virtually all my life is to have a hot drink before bedtime, usually milk. Of latter years this drink had become either a malted drink or drinking chocolate, after checking the high levels of sugar in these it is now skimmed milk only.

Image result for images cadbury highlights drinking chocolate

After 8 weeks of this regime I have lost 6 kgs and my BMI is down to 25.38, I have nearly reached my target. So I have to keep this up………..


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