Guess What I Did?

A slightly different topic this time.

I have been an avid reader of the magazine “Computeractive” since 2000 and most of what I know with regards computing is from what I have read or learnt from it. I always like to keep everything up to date and I have programmes installed to help with this. When Windows 10 came along I happily upgraded from Windows 7 and yet again launched into a learning curve to make the best of it. It has not been with out it’s stresses and strains but with the help of Computeractive I usually win through it. I use what I believe is a good anti-virus programme, Trend Micro Security, although it didn’t rate top in Computeractive tests and I’ve stuck with it since first using it in 2000 on my first Windows PC. I know it and it works well for me. On Computeractive’s recommendation I use CCleaner from time to time to help spring clean my laptop and get rid of those unused and unwanted files.

I was interested therefore when I read in Computeractive that Microsoft had chosen to end those interminable updates and would change to two big upgrades a year the first one being the “Creators Update” (apparently Microsoft doesn’t like to use the apostrophe) which was released in April on a roll out basis. This means that it could be weeks if not months before I personally got the nod to upgrade. As Computeractive (CA) highly recommended this update as being the best yet, I thought that I wanted it now. The magazine explained how to be able to download this upgrade right away and last Saturday, I thought ‘go for it Tom’. CA did say that some people had difficulty with, let’s call it plan A, and gave a ‘plan B’ for a slightly different procedure to download. OK, I thought, let’s go with ‘plan A’. Several hours later (our Cornish broadband speed is not the fastest!) and after 3 attempts resulting in error messages, I opted to try ‘plan B’. Again, several hours later and after 2 attempts my hair I swear was becoming even greyer. This is only a hobby I thought and I shouldn’t be having this stress but if anyone who knows me, I wouldn’t let it beat me! The problem was that Microsoft was telling me to delete an App manually that wasn’t compatible with Windows 10, the App being “Trend Micro 2008”. Strange that because the laptop came much later than 2008 and I have been using Windows 10 since day 1. I searched thoroughly through all the files on the laptop and couldn’t find anything resembling this App, so I was stumped, or so I thought. This ‘plan B’ did give me an option to install all files but to delete Apps as an alternative to installing files and Apps. Did this mean only Microsoft Apps?? As I don’t use any, other than “Hacked”, I decided for the second time that day to go for it and it worked beautifully. Or did it?

It was like using a brand new laptop! Microsoft, bless them, had re-set absolutely everything to default settings and had deleted, yes wait for it, all my programmes including the Microsoft Office Word & Excel, which I use regularly. Oooops! Part expected, I suppose but hey I can download them again. Saturday evening loomed and I decided enough was enough for one day.

Sleeping on it was no bad thing and life seemed much better on Sunday. Morning and early afternoon was spent taking 250 photo images at the Trevornick 10 multi-terrain race near Newquay so when I arrived back home I realised that the first priority was to download my favourite image editing programme “FastStone Image Viewer”, tweaking the Windows 10 settings as I went along.

By Monday things were going much better, the Creators Update was living up to CA’s views and I was slowly getting my programmes back. Stress levels suddenly rose when our Sky+ HD box’s hard drive stopped working thus losing our recordings and box sets. Sky were excellent and replaced the box the very next day. Phew!!

I still had the problem of downloading Word; Excel and PowerPoint. I decided I wasn’t going to worry/bother about whether to get them back. This experience had meant that I was virtually starting from scratch and it was good to have had a good clear out. Therefore I investigated alternative programmes that were free (cheapskate!!) and decided to give the WPS Writer; WPS Spreadsheets and WPS Presentations a go. So far after a few days they all seem to be adequate for all my needs and I am writing this on the WPS Writer.

Once again I have to conclude that everything happens for the best and computer wise I now have a laptop whose system is faster and an improvement on previous versions, leaner and meaner would I think describe it. In hind sight I should not have got stressed over it or at least not until next time……


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