Local Visits

Poldark Mine

We are rapidly approaching the tourist season and we can see already more visitors around. Bernie and I thought that we would take the opportunity to visit the Poldark Mine before it got too busy. We arrived just in time for the tour and about 20 of us descended into the mine all wearing our hard hats. Within 20 meters I managed to bump my head thus confirming the need to wear them! Bernie fared better being somewhat shorter… The tour guide had explained to us that obviously the mine wasn’t originally named “Poldark” but after the original Poldark series had been filmed using the mine, the then owners applied for permission to use the name, which was granted by Winston Graham. The new series of Poldark also filmed underground scenes in the mine making it famous the world over. It was pleasing to see that unlike a lot of other attractions, the Poldark Mine has retained an original look and there was a very strong feel that not much had changed over the years. There was a lot of conservation still being undertaken and it was great to be able to wander around without too many people. We finished our visit with a relaxing coffee in the tea room and purchased a jig saw postcard of Aidan Turner (Ross Poldark) to send to a Brummie friend who is mad on anything Poldark.

The Poldark Mine
Tom – Hard Hat time
Bernie – Hard Hat time
Going down…….
Our guide….
A rusty bit of kit!

St Ives

Later in March we went to St Ives mainly to book our Dental appointments but took the opportunity to do some browsing as it was a lovely sunny day. Again at this time of the year it is relatively easy to get around the shops and along the harbour before it gets too crowded. And we couldn’t leave before partaking of something delicious from Ferrell’s.

St Ives.006
St Ives.007
Seagull beware!!

Trengwaiton Gardens

Earlier this week we took ourselves off to visit the National Trust property, Trengwaiton Gardens. We had visited here last year at the same time and it’s a good time to see the magnolia trees. There are plenty of opportunities for photographs and a selection appears below.

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary

A couple of days later we re-visited the Seal Sanctuary at Gweek near Helston. Sonny was keen to fill in the quiz questions that appeared around the site, with a little bit of help from granddad!! There was only one seal in the hospital, a good thing, but there were a few in the Convalescent Pool ready for their release back in the wild. We loved to see resident seal, Ray, who is totally blind and can be seen in the photo below being fed individually. Another seal likely to become a resident is the one who is blind in one eye, I forget his name. Great work done here at the sanctuary and well worth a visit and its dog friendly to boot…


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