I’m still here…………..!!

Ten Months – A Landmark?

We have now been living in Cornwall for 10 months and we are well and truly settled in. Perhaps not locals yet and I suppose we are still from “up country” but happy that we made the move.

We are now looking forward to the summer after several months of rain, rain and more rain, interspersed with lovely sunny days. As with most of the country, it hasn’t been cold, just the occasional frosty start to the day and we have found that another advantage of living in a new property is that we have only had to have the central heating on for a few hours a day, thus cutting down on the heating bills. Always a good thing!!!

When Bernie’s brother passed away a few years ago, she inherited around 1000 of his books, mainly cookery books. Originally these were going to be donated to a college but this never came to fruition as it was all too soon after the funeral and at the time both of us we committed to other things. The upshot of this was that we had to transfer all these books with us when we re-located. My daughter, Tracy, filled her car a couple of times when visiting us in Birmingham and stored them at her home in St Ives and we brought the rest when we finally moved. In January we felt that we had to do something to relieve ourselves of the burden of storing such a huge collection when we just had not got the room. With the living room filled with piles of books I gradually went through every one sorting the ones with ISBN numbers from the earlier editions without these numbers, some first editions. By entering in the ISBN number on the WeBuyBooks website, http://www.webuybooks.co.uk I was able to sell around a third of the books. Another third consisted of those with no ISBN numbers and these we took to a local book auction, where surprisingly all were sold. The remaining third we donated to the British Heart Foundation. Although this took me nearly 3 months of hard work, I researched and indexed all the books that went to auction, we both felt that it had been well worth it and we have a few quid to show for it.         April 2016

Since relieving ourselves of the cookery books I have renewed my interest in researching the Family Tree another hobby that quickly becomes rather addictive! Bernie and I have kept our World membership of Ancestry mainly because Bernie has ancestors traceable to other countries. My ancestors seem to mainly based in and around the Black Country but I have now found a link to USA when my 2nd Great Aunt emigrated with her husband in 1906 to settle in Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately she committed suicide 4 years later in 1910, dying from Carbolic Acid poisoning.

We both received Leki walking poles from my daughter and son-in-law for our Christmas presents and we intend to make use them in the coming months.

We try to get out and walk as much as we can hoping to increase the distances more during the summer. Rapidly becoming our favourite local walk is King George V Memorial Walk which changes in appearance throughout the year and overlooks the Hayle Estuary and has access to the harbour and beaches.

Our excursions so far this year have included visits to

Trengwaiton Gardens in March

Keep of the grass!! Polite notice
Keep of the grass!! Polite notice
Bernie with magnolia trees
Bernie with magnolia trees

Penrose Estate in April

View of Loe Bar from the Penrose Estate
View of Loe Bar from the Penrose Estate

Glendurgan Gardens in April

Glendurgan.020 (2)
Maze at Glendurgan 

Godolphin in April

Godolphin.031 (2)

Land’s End in May

LE 0516.011 (2)
First & Last House

Looe Monkey Sanctuary also in May

MS.Tom.044 (2)
The three monkeys!!!!!

I’m afraid I have neglected this Blog but the days seem to roll by and we must make the best of where we live by getting outdoors and relishing our lovely environment.


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