Settling In….

Life in Cornwall

We have now been living in Hayle for four months and have gradually settled into some sort of routine. Virtually all our packing boxes have been emptied and space found for their contents. A decision will eventually have to be made about our CD collection and which CD’s we will keep and which we will dispose of!! Most of them have been ripped into a digital collection, so I guess the ones to keep will be the special signed CD’s which we have both acquired over the last few years and ditch the rest.

The two big projects and most expensive have also been completed, the fitted wardrobe by Sharps and the 12 window blinds by West Country Blinds. What a difference these have made both in storage and privacy. The lawn at the rear of the house is pretty small, approximately 10.2 sq. m, and we obtained a quote for the laying of some artificial turf. The figure was way over what we anticipated and we decided to carry on for the time being borrowing my daughter Tracy and their mower!

The places we have visited since my last post are Tehidy Country Park; Gwithian; Paradise Park; Glendurgan Gardens; St. Michaels Mount and Harvey’s Towans; Mousehole; Coverack and the Eden Project. A selection of photos appear below as well as the links to my Flickr Albums.

Bernadette and I have tried to walk every day if possible gradually increasing the distance covered. Our aims, typically, have not always been met but we do try and both of us have already lost a few pounds in weight! Our longest walk has been around 7 miles, when we walked a circular route from Coverack with my daughter, Tracy. No big deal but it’s a start.

Polish Sausage Soup
Polish Sausage Soup

Taking in the more relaxed atmosphere that Cornish living affords, we both have tried out new hobbies. Not much to boast about yet but Bernadette has made some Christmas decorations, some from pompoms and French knitting that I have created! I have also tried making a Polish Sausage soup using a Lidl recipe with some success.

We certainly wouldn’t have attempted this in Castle Bromwich. I am hoping also that I can expand and improve on my photographic attempts and I have already chosen an image that I am going to use on a few personalised Christmas cards.

One of the joys of living here is that friends and relatives occasionally will come and visit and so far my grandson from Wolverhampton has spent half term with us and Bernadette’s nephew; partner and children from Birmingham have visited us for Halloween. We had a lovely meal at the Old Quay House followed by the firework display at North Quay, Hayle.

We have also spent a splendid day on St. Ives Harbour beach with friends from Coventry/Birmingham and are currently looking forward to seeing Bernadette’s cousin. Unfortunately our home is too small to accommodate visitors for any length of time but there will always be a welcome.

Photograph Albums

Tehidy Park:


Paradise Park:

St. Michaels Mount:

Harvey’s Towans:


Coverack Walk:

Eden Project:



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