Moving to Cornwall

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things in life, well; it does have its moments!

We have now been in Hayle, Cornwall, for 5 weeks and we have achieved a lot, which includes plenty of relaxation with no pressure. How nice….

The actual move went pretty well with no hitches. Inevitably there was some last minute packing but the removal guys did a great job and were on their way by mid-day, closely followed by ourselves. It was very strange to see a completely empty house, even more so for Bernadette who had lived there for over 40 years. But we are both looking forward not backward. As it was lunch time and we had been up early, we made a pit stop on the M5 at the new Gloucester Services and partook of a rather nice meal. Continuing on our way the traffic was pretty grim as usual for a Friday afternoon and we made slow progress in places. We were surprised therefore to pass our Removal Van well on the way along the A30 towards Cornwall itself, the removal guys had made excellent progress. They were staying in Hayle and meeting us early on Saturday morning at the new property. We continued to St. Ives where we were stopping at my daughters.

The move was completed on the Saturday and we quickly realised we had too much ‘stuff’ to fit in and that it would be a little while before we would be completely straight. Yet more visits to the tip ensued during the following days and donations to the British Heart Federation were made and we knew that someone would benefit from our move as well as ourselves. Our main priorities were arranging blinds for our 13 windows; Roman; Venetian and Roller plus organising for a fitted wardrobe in the main bedroom. The former would take care of privacy and the latter, storage. Oh, of course, there was the matter of TV/Broadband/’phone. Virgin doesn’t operate in Cornwall so to get a similar package as we had in Birmingham required us to go to Sky. I have to say that Sky have been excellent in sorting us out despite us initially not having a BT connection, they arranged for BT Openreach to come and connect us to the nearest telegraph pole and one extra engineer and a cherry picker later, the job was done.

Two weeks later we fulfilled a longstanding commitment to look after grandson, Sonny, for a few days. We managed to get his room ready and we entertained him as much as we could, which included a trip to the cinema to see the Minion film and a visit to Land’s End.

We have also managed a trip to Trengwainton Gardens, Madron and several short walks and a couple of visits to St. Ives, which is crammed this time of year.

Gradually we are making this our home.


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