A Walk On The Wild Side!!

A walk in Sutton Park

Over the years since taking up running in the early 80’s I have regularly been to Sutton Park for various road relays and other running events as well as the occasional walk and even a few cycle rides. As a result it has become a familiar place to go and enjoy the surroundings of this oasis in the middle of a highly populated conurbation that is the Birmingham suburbs.

My association with Sutton Park actually goes back 40 years prior to my running days. As a Walsall boy, my family, as with many families from Walsall, treated Sutton Park as a jolly good ‘day out’. It was sufficiently far enough away from Walsall and it had a permanent Pat Collins Fair to warrant a trip on the train and spend a day there. In those days not many families had access to cars and a visit to Birmingham or Sutton Park had to be either by bus or train. With the railway station close to the park, it was the train from Walsall Station. I distinctly remember paddling in the brook just as kids do to the present day and a ride on the miniature railway which is sadly no longer there.

Thus yesterday we decided that to get us out of the house (we are still awaiting a move date) a walk in Sutton Park was needed! This was possibly the last opportunity for quite some time to re-acquaint ourselves with the park. Not being very fit, I’m afraid exercise has been a low priority, we thought a gentle walk approximately 3 miles was the order of the day.

Our walk was tracked using RunKeeper, please take a look, and I hope the link works.

The morning was finished off with a simple lunch at the Town Gate Café.


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