Leamington Spa Peace Festival 2015

A day in Leamington


To date there is still no news on our moving date to Cornwall…!!

The weather forecast was reasonable on Saturday night for Sunday, cloudy all day, so we decided on a visit to Leamington Spa to have a look at the Peace Festival. Other than going to the cross country races at Newbold Comyn a couple of times I have never been to visit Leamington Spa, so I looked forward to it.
Its only about 20 miles away and easy to get to and I decided that avoiding motorways a direct route through Kenilworth was best. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan! I hadn’t taken into account that the 14th June was the day the Two Castles Road Race took place and finished at … Kenilworth. When I was running I never ran the Two Castles but I know that it is a very popular race, so I wasn’t surprised that we got stuck in the after race traffic. My trusty sat-nav re-directed me with confidence and allowed a small tour of the town, we just sat back and enjoyed it.
Once in Leamington we looked for a car park close to the Pump Room Gardens and we were ready. Enjoying the atmosphere we strolled round the stalls and even purchased some honey and an ornamental elephant.

Although there were plenty of food stalls, mainly fast food, we preferred to sit down and eat in comfort, so lunch was at the Pizza Express immediately opposite the gardens.

A refreshing Pimms
A refreshing Pimms
This was followed by a stroll round the town, including coffee at Costa Coffee.
The historic Pump Rooms are now the Museum and Art Gallery and an interesting hour was spent in there. There was a display about Randolph Turpin (World Middle Weight Boxing Champion) who won the title in 1951 beating Sugar Ray Robinson. Randy was from Leamington where he was given a heroes welcome after his win. I remember listening to this fight on the radio as a 7 year old and my Grandmother naming her newly acquired cat, “Sugar”, after the loser. A few years later I remember seeing Randy Turpin in his Cafe/Pub at the top of the Great Orme, Llandudno.
A pleasant way to spend a Sunday. 

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