New Theme Enabled

Changes to blog

I decided on a change of look for my blog and have started to use a new theme. Hope you like it?

I have also changed the name of the blog to “Tom’s Blog”, again, hope you like it.

I also thought it about time to explain where the ‘rockontom’ came from! Many think it’s from a well know catch phrase used by Cannon & Ball but no, that’s wrong. About 16 or 17 years ago I was at the Newhampton Folk Club, Wolverhampton where one of Birmingham’s musical legends, Steve Gibbons, was performing. At the time I was catching up on lost youth and spending a lot of time at local gigs getting acquainted with the music scene. We saw Steve on a regular basis and were on first name terms. At the show Steve was selling copies of his CD, “The Dylan Project” and I asked him to sign a copy. He wrote “To Rockontom” and from that moment it stuck. He later signed a poster for my birthday in the same way.

Steve Gibbon's Poster. To "Rock on Tom"
Steve Gibbon’s Poster. To “Rock on Tom”

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