Cornish Trip

Moving Home

Deciding to re-locate from the Midlands to Cornwall has come with more stress than I first realised. Downsizing also has its own issues because we all tend to accumulate “stuff” and it can be both traumatic and therapeutic when getting rid, particularly at the local tip!! Deciding what to scrap; keep or donate to charity can itself become stressful and after more than two months the process is still not complete.

Storage Boxes
Storage Boxes

Several boxes of ornaments; CD’s; kitchenware etc. are already packed. Five trips to the local refuse tip carried out and still more to do! Some furniture to dispose of and hopefully we are done….

We are now in the period that might be called ‘the waiting game’, so fingers crossed!

Cornwall Visit

Part of the process to re-locating is a visit to the area where we want to live. My daughter; son-in-law and grandson live in St. Ives and we want to be close by.

Friday 17th April 2015

We traveled by car down to St. Ives, a distance of 280 miles from Birmingham. We had to leave after my Optician’s appointment, so it was late morning. The good news with regards to the Opticians was that I didn’t require any new spectacles at the moment, the bad news being that cataracts are progressing slowly… charming! Traffic was surprisingly light and we made good progress and I was able to make use of the cruise control on the A30 stretch through Cornwall.

Saturday 18th April 2015

This was ‘viewings’ day. My daughter, bless her, ferried us around, not only to view properties with the Estate Agents but also to take a good look around the area. It is all about compromise, the location; size; type of central heating; parking; décor etc. etc. There are no decisions made yet…………

Sunday 19th April 2015

This was a family day. My sister’s funeral had taken place the day before we travelled to Cornwall and my daughter wanted my grandson to remember her in a special way. We purchased a helium balloon, which we would launch from a high spot above St. Ives and which my grandson would write a small message on a tag attached to it. It was his way of saying “goodbye”. Off we went to Rosewall Hill, Towednack, climbed to the top of the hill and launched the balloon. It quickly rose into the sky helped by the stiff breeze and a minute later disappeared from view. After several minutes remembering my sister we made our way back to the car.

Tracy & Rich
Tracy & Rich
Balloon in flight
Balloon in flight
Reflection time......
Reflection time……

Monday 20th April 2015

More viewings today and a decision was made to book an appointment with a local solicitor to seek more advice on a particular property we liked. This necessitated us staying in St. Ives for the rest of the week, which was no problem because the weather was absolutely spot on with plenty of sun if cool in the wind. The afternoon was completed with the school run.

Tuesday 21st April 2015

Cornwall.077 (2)
View of St. Ives from the Pier

The solicitor’s appointment is not until Thursday afternoon so with it being a working/school day for everyone else, Bernie and I had a free day to explore once more the beautiful St. Ives. We walked into town down Higher Stennack taking about 15-20 minutes, all downhill. A stroll along Fore Street with the inevitable stop off in a few shops eventually brought us to the Sloop Inn and The Wharf. Continuing onto Quay Street and along Smeatons Pier we were shielded from the wind and had beautiful views of the town. But we quickly turned back when we were battered by the cold wind coming off the sea. Re-tracing our steps but this time along Wharf Road, we stopped off for a coffee before continuing our stroll. Lunch just had to be fish & chips, inside of course; we were not chancing the seagulls dive bombing us! Bracing ourselves for the walk back up Higher Stennack we made our way back to pick up the car to drive to Ludgvan for the school run.

Wednesday 22nd April 2015

After an early start with the school run we drove up to Truro for the Park ‘n’ Ride into the City. My daughter left for a hairdresser’s appointment whilst Bernie and I partook of a morning coffee. We then explored a few furniture stores in readiness for some potential purchases once we become settled in the area. A very pleasant morning and early afternoon was spent in Truro.

Thursday 23rd April 2015

Before our afternoon appointment with the solicitor we again explored a furniture store in Hayle as well as coffee in the new ASDA! This was followed by a drive into Penzance where we located the solicitors before having lunch overlooking the sea. The meeting with our solicitor went well and we were allayed of a few fears that our Birmingham solicitor had put to us. The result was to go ahead with purchasing our original choice of property, all pending of course on the successful completion of selling the house in Birmingham

Friday 24th April 2015

After breakfast we traveled back to Birmingham hoping that all will progress satisfactorily.


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