A neglected Blog!!

I must blog more frequently

It has now been over 18 months since my last blog!! Why is this? Well, I have just been bogged down with other priorities.

First of all my partner Bernadette’s brother passed away and a lot of time was spent sorting out his affairs. at the same time my duties as Secretary & Membership Secretary of Midland Masters Athletic Club (MMAC) was increasing through no fault of my own. Admittedly I had taken on extra work with the website, Race Secretary for the National Masters Open Road Relays etc but the decision to go over to using an online entry and subscription system proved most time consuming giving me sometimes an 8 hour day. More than when I was in full time employment!! The pressure was particularly great during December and January, Christmas and New Year. Although I enjoyed every minute, life was becoming unbearable for the rest of the family and we made the decision for other reasons also to re-locate out of the Midlands area.

I felt that I could not continue in the role to the level that I required whilst at the same time preparing to move house etc and I therefore decided that the right thing to do was to resign my position. Hopefully my handover proved painless and I am always willing to help out and advise on any matters relating to MMAC.

My sister, Jean, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and sadly passed peacefully away 11 days ago.

A new beginning

We are now looking forward to a new beginning in a different part of the country where perhaps we can lead a more relaxed life away from Birmingham. I know that I will miss my adopted City.

A short visit to Liverpool

A few pics from our visit to Liverpool in September 2014 to be going on with……..


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