Catch Up!

It’s seems along time since I sat down and wrote a proper Blog. Since taking over as the official webmaster of the Midland Masters AC website ( last year my time is taken care of and very little time is to spare for writing blogs! I must make more of an effort in future.

The year always starts with plenty of things to do. It’s the busiest time for receiving membership subscriptions for the MMAC, which are due from the 1st January each year. Processing these renewals and dealing with the cheques is fairly time consuming and at peak times there might be up to 30 a day. Together with other things I just might complete an 8 hour day, not bad for a retired person?? It make a lot of sense for introducing an online subscriptions payment system to cut down on administration time and we are currently looking in to this.

January saw the MMAC Cross Country Championships take place at Droitwich. My involvement was helping to mark the course out, which meant an early start. Droitwich AC have a very small team of volunteers and I was quite happy to go along and help out. This was the last year at the Droitwich course and a new venue will be sought for 2013.

A week later I was doing my usual duties at the Tough Guy Finish. With more helpers than normal we had a relatively stress free day. But that’s only the beginning because then next few days were spent number crunching to produced a decent set of results or more accurately, finishing order.

The following week should have been our February Handicap at Kingshurst but snow meant a postponement until April. This new date coincided with our late Treasurers birthday and it was decided to rename the event  “The Colin Simpson Memorial Handicap” and this event will now be a permanent fixture at the beginning of April each year.

Meanwhile, MMAC membership subscriptions continued to pour in with the ‘cut- off’ date being the 31st March for 2012 payments. Mailing lists both for ourselves and the British Masters Athletic Federation then had to be updated as well as all email lists.

Spring Lamb at Calke Abbey

Later in April we moved our annual open relays from Edgbaston Reservoir up to Donisthorpe Woodland Park near Swadlincote. This experiment proved highly successful with everyone enjoying their experience and we will be returning there next year. As usual the relays were followed by the AGM, which was attended by a larger number of members than is normal.

A little break was called for and we managed a few days in Cornwall visiting my daughter and son-in-law and combining it with baby sitting whilst Rich was running the London Marathon.

Efforts were now transferred to the National Masters Open Road Relays later in May at Sutton Park. As Entries Secretary for this event I was kept busy both in the run up to the event and also on the day. Most of us relaxed after the races by going to the Toby Carvery in the Park. A lovely ending to the day.

At the end of May, a check on commitments, or lack of them, enabled us to make a last minute booking for 8 days on the Costa Del Sol. This was a very welcome break particularly for both of us and regenerated the batteries!

Sangria in Fuengirola

June brought us the MMAC Track & Field Championships, this year held at Nuneaton. I once again helped keep track of all the medals presented, on the face of it a simple job but it never works that way! Nevertheless a very enjoyable job.

Work rate eased up for the rest of June giving me some time to continue my searches on my family tree interspersed with the usual MMAC work.

The middle of July brought us to the Summer Tough Guy event, otherwise known as the Nettle Warrior. A reduced finish team was brought together. Because of the use of electronic chips to record the finishers we didn’t need such a large team and it was so good to not have any stress over trying to compile the results. The chips didn’t perform 100% but this was mainly due them not being fitted correctly.

Olympic Torch at Brueton parkrun

Towards the end of July, Bernadette and I travelled up to Derby to spend a weekend helping with Registration/Declaration at the British Masters Track & Field Championships. This is a chance to meet many of our members and although we didn’t see any of the action it was a very enjoyable couple of days.

Early August saw us travel to Oxford for the BMAF 10k Track Championships. Midland Masters AC use these as our own championship event and we were there to support Adrian Lloyd in his capacity as President when presenting medals.

On the domestic front as well as visiting Cornwall and the Costa Del Sol, we managed a couple of days in Manchester; London and York as well as visiting a few National  Trust properties. We invested in a new bathroom and a new central heating boiler but will the utility bills be reduced?… who knows! My car was stolen off my drive whilst I was opening the garage door, that was the last I seen or heard of it so now we have another car, a Citroen C3.

Overall 2012 so far has been fairly eventful. From now on I must remember to find time more often to blog.


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