Tough Guy™ 30th January 2011

Well…. another set of results for the Tough Guy™ have been compiled. It took me 4 days (over 30 hours work) to produce the finishing order as accurate as possible. There were 3269 recorded finishers, using 80 funnels with an average of 41 through each funnel.

A lot had no numbers on their vests, so numbers were taken from the neck tags and you would be surprised where some kept them, NOT round the neck!! Some little devils jumped the funnels, it only takes one to put all the times/positions out of sync. so I am never going to be totally accurate, also changing places in the funnels is common. At the end of the day, does it matter? The course and obstacles are different each year and comparison with last year are useless. Happy days………

Below is a photo of the funnels as laid out the day before


Finish Funnels



2 thoughts on “Tough Guy™ 30th January 2011

    1. Hi Emma,
      I have processed the results (finishing order) and sent them to Tough Guy™ HQ Tuesday morning. They should be up on the website but I’ve just looked and cannot find them. I can tell you that you were 302nd through the finish funnels in a time of 3:06:55 across the Finish line. Please bear in mind that this includes everyone and the “official” results may take out any who were disqualified or who were unknown which messes up the finishing places. Also the finish photos were NOT taken at the proper Finish and won’t have the correct finishing times displayed. Some were taking upwards of 15-20 minutes to get to the Finish Line from the photo stop!!
      Hope you are happy with this? Well done.
      Cheers, Tom


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