Tough Guy Results

From: @rockontom
Sent: 1 Feb 2011 10:27p

Been working 2 days on compiling results for the Tough Guy. Now at inputting stage which sorts out any dodgy numbers. Will continue tomorrow

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18 thoughts on “Tough Guy Results

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying. Answer is yes, they are already completed and are now with Tough Guy™ HQ. I have you in 221nd position in 2:56:53
      Cheers, Tom


      1. Hi Tom,

        Tough Guy HQ taking forever to publish the results – any chance oyu can tell me how I did? My name is Tom Davies, running number 7021.

        Many thanks,

        Also Tom


      2. Hello Tom,
        Your finishing position was 20th in 2:04:06. My spreadsheet has gone to TGHQ and they will re-input into their system, I have just checked the site but can’t find results yet!
        Well done anyway and congratulations on making it onto our first recording sheets (first 50).
        Cheers, Tom


  1. Hi Tom, I am sure until TG releases the results you will be inundated, so to get in quick could you let me know my position (Lawrence Brown 112) and my friends (Christian Jacobsen 4170)? Many thanks


    1. Hi Lawrence,
      I have you finishing in 189th position in 2:51:50 and Christian in 296th position in 3:06:28. Well done to you both.
      Note that the ‘official’ results might come out slightly different eg my finishing order includes the lady who only did one lap and came in ‘first’ which won’t be recognised. If this result is taken out all following position will be out, and who knows what others TGHQ may alter!!
      We did record 1023 finishers thro’ the funnels.
      Cheers, Tom


  2. Hi Tom,

    You are a very patient man, responding to all these requests! Could I please try your patience one more time for the July 31 2011 Tough Guy? Stephen Heath, 262. Thanks so much in advance!

    Best Regards


    1. Hi Stephen,
      Sorry for delay. I was at a Track & Field meeting all day Sunday! The results are now on the TG website but I have informed them of 30 omissions & corrections they need to make to bring them inline with our recorded finishers.
      I have you recorded as finishing in 175th place in 2:48:06 (TG results have you in 173rd).
      Well done.


  3. Hi Tom,
    Sorry but like many before me I’d love to know where I came in Tough Guy in July.
    My name is Ryan Mace and race number was 261.
    Many thanks


    1. Hi Ryan,
      As stated in previous comment, results are on the TG website but need amending. I have you recorded finishing in 131st position in 2:37:38
      Well done,


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