Tough Guy™ Weekend

01 Tough Guy
Tough Guy™

I have been neglecting my own Blog just recently, so I thought I would do a quick update.

As Membership Secretary of Midland Masters AC I have been very busy collecting and processing members subscriptions. They are due the 1st January but a lot of people wait and pay later. The New Year is always a busy time for me with the MMAC XC, Tough Guy™ and the Road Handicap, plus Newsletter Reports and a committee meeting. This year we also have the BMAF (British Masters Athletic Federation) XC to organise. All these events I am quite heavily involved and it all takes time both in a practical and ‘thinking’ way!

Asking for volunteers to help seems to fall on deaf ears most of the time making for extra difficulties.

This weekend is the Tough Guy™. I have been organising the Finish Control for a number of years and despite trying out various electronic means to collect the results we always fall back on the good old manual system of taking times over the finish line and recording competitors numbers at the end of the funnels. The fun starts when I try to marry the two lists up! Collating 4000 times & numbers, eliminating errors etc can take me several days in a locked room impervious to outside influences. I hope it’s always worth waiting for???

So for the next few days, I am unavailable for anything other than Tough Guy™………



One thought on “Tough Guy™ Weekend

  1. Good grief Tom and I thought I was busy! You do a great job, so I am sure everything will be a success. Larry, Trish and I are all looking forward to volunteering at the Tough Guy, it will be an eye opening experience – see you on Sunday, bright and early!


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