The Week Gone By…

Last weeks Birmingham Half marathon seems to have been a success from an outsider’s perspective. I would have liked to have seen or rather heard the commentary continue after the World Championships had ended. And there was a distinct lack of journalistic cover for the Birchfield winner, Jean. No mention at all in the 8 page “Special” of the Results in the local paper!

A well informed commentator on the Finish line would have kept the spectators more happy and vibrant, which would have added to the atmosphere. Nevertheless an enjoyable day was had by all.

The rest of the week went by quickly. My car passed its MOT but they managed to spot a nail embedded in the rear nearside tyre. Fortunately it was only a very short nail and hadn’t penetrated, phew… thank goodness. I’d only recently purchased two new tyres for the front and as there are miles of wear left on the rear tyres I thought “Oh no, more expense!”

Then I had to replace our landline ‘phones. The second lot of BT ‘phones we had again packed in working properly after a few months. I have now changed to Panasonic and find them much better both in spec and quality. I have also negotiated a better telephone package with our provider that should produce cheaper bills, so cheers all round!!

I am still having trouble with my broadband connection keep dropping out (apparently), which is a cause for frustration. When I am on the internet or trying to send an email, I get the message…”cannot find the server” or “connection lost”. I’ve checked with my provider and all is OK from their end. Could it be my wireless router? Or could it be something wrong with my PC? Who knows??

Throughout the week I have been working on various aspects for the Home International XC event in November. Surprising how the little things mount up.

Today, I have organised A3 laminated copies of the cross country course for the international and while I was on purchased a new office chair. A d-i-y assembly, but I managed! My old chair was from the “Test House Office” where I worked until the closure in 2001. Not bad for a fiver!! All the girls who sat on it used to get pregnant; it was called the “pregnancy” chair… I never had the problem, must have been something in the water??


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