Birmingham Half Marathon

I have been busy the last week or so thus no blog entry. My thoughts are mainly with the Masters International Cross Country races and the associated Open Race for which I am taking entries. These are coming in very slowly and I am a little concerned but everyone say there will be a rush around the closing date.

Last Saturday morning was spent walking the course with our “Course Controller” making notes where all the marking stakes/tape will have to go and also checking the distance. Despite previously measuring with a surveyor’s wheel for a 2k distance, the Garmin GPS said it was 250 metres short! This extra can easily be added without changing the Start or Finish positions. Phew!!! I was worried there… All else seemed fine and the “Course Controller” was happy.

I thought I would be short of marshals but last minute recruitment has brought in all the required number for the course. I actually have more marshals than entries for the Open Race!! Perhaps they could run as well!! Silly me….

Saturday also saw the selection meeting for the England Team and I met up later with England Athletics Masters Association Chairman and the British Masters Athletic Federation Cross Country Secretary to discuss tactics, any last minute things to do. This was an enjoyable and useful meeting.

Early (for me) Sunday morning saw me catching the bus into Brum for the World Half Marathon Championships and to catch up with mates in the

Jean Ndayisenga - Birchfield Harriers, winner
Jean Ndayisenga - Birchfield Harriers, winner

Birmingham Half Marathon run immediately afterwards. I have to say Birmingham did us proud, even the weather proved ideal for running. The buzz around the City centre was one of enjoyment and pleasure. And what a wonderful sight the world’s top athletes are?

Check out

Martin Wilkinson
Martin Wilkinson

Today I’ve been musing over why clothes hangers always seem to get entangled with each other or catch other bits of clothes and generally how difficult they are to keep together in a pile for ease of use!!! I’m working on it!


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