Number One!

rockontomMy first blog.. must be brief as I have to get used to the ‘system’. I’ve been working on some photographs this morning, so time consuming but worthwhile.


2 thoughts on “Number One!

  1. Tom:

    Format and content get three cheers from me.
    Just for the record, I was at Margate representing Stratford/MMAC.
    Unfortunately it was my first Marathon, so I got it completely wrong: first 10k in a very respectable time – for 10k – turned into the 13 mile next stage and realised it wasn’t going to be good! Stumbled in behind the medallists with blown gasket, empty tank etc. Still, its all experience……..I wonder if its good preparation for MMAC 10 mile this week?


    1. If I’d have known you were there I would have looked out for you and maybe captured an image. As you say, put it down to experience. Just jogging this week should see you OK for Nuneaton. See you there…


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